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One of the most well-known manufacturers of cordless drills and tools is DeWalt. Their cordless drills contain a variety of voltages, weights, and sizes. They have several lines of drills, such as compact and heavy duty, and models that use lithium-ion batteries for power. While their cordless drills generally target contractors, some of their drills can be used for work around the house as well.
Another great manufacturer of cordless drills is Makita, which has improved very much lately with some great cordless impact drivers. Not everybody owns an impact driver but it is a great tool for many tasks. The Makita makes loosening, tightening, and driving screws, bolts, and other fasteners simple and quick compared to using a ratchet or a hand wrench. Rusty and stubborn bolts and nuts are easily overcome by this great 18 Volt impact device and the right driver accessory. Loosening nuts and bolts are among one of the many tasks that you can get easily done with the help of this versatile cordless power tool.
The Makita driver is among the increasing number of cordless power devices that are making contractors and homeowners home repair works easier. Makita’s reputation as a high-quality power tool is gradually improving, as new lines such as the Makita cordless impact driver are becoming more popular.


The DeWalt stand-alone tool is priced just over $150. The DeWalt DCK296P2 20V XR Brushless Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit with 2 5.0 Ah Batteries is priced at $349.95. The kit also includes the belt clip and side handle, for easier operation in certain every day professional situations. The Makita impact driver stand-alone tool costs about $174. The price for the Makita XDT08 18V LXT Lithium-Ion, Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit is $209.95. (


DeWalt Company gives you a 3 year limited warranty from the date of purchase, and will fix any defects in workmanship and materials free of charge. The warranty does not include part malfunction due to tool abuse or the usual wear and tear wear of the tool. It should be noted that this warranty does not cover damage caused to accessories where modifications have been made or attempted repair by others. This warranty offers user specific legal rights depending on which state it was purchased at, and you might have various rights which differ from one state to another, so be sure to read the warranty carefully.
Besides the above mentioned warranty, DeWalt tools and accessories are covered by their One-Year Free Service Agreement. DeWalt will replace and maintain the tool worn and damaged parts caused by normal usage, free of charges, anytime within the first year after purchase. Great for reassuring that you are buying a quality product.
Similarly, every Makita lithium-Ion tool and Pneumatic Nailer, charger and Battery is warranted to be free of flaws from materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the actual purchase date. In case there is any trouble within this 3-year period, ship the complete Pneumatic Nailer, Battery, Lithium-Ion Tool or charger to one of Makita’s authorized Service centers. If the inspection finds out that there was any defect in material or workmanship, Makita will fix or replace the defected part with zero charges.

Overall Performance of the Two Devices


Efficient and interchangeable battery – The lithium ion rechargeable batteries is light weight and charges up fast, and will therefore not delay your work plan. The nice thing about the batteries is that they are interchangeable with other Makita power machines, so if by any chance you already own a reciprocating saw, Makita drill, or any other cordless Makita power device, you already have the batteries required for the Makita impact driver.
Makita impact drivers can be bought as a stand-alone tool minus the batteries, as a unit with a charger and battery, and as an entire tool kit with the impact driver, charger, batteries, and carrying case included.
High-quality materials – Makita cordless driver impact tool has a long tool life and great force when undertaking hard tasks to loosen screws, bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. The featured brushless motor design of the device runs cool with an outstanding lifespan, and gives a massive torque of 1,420 lbs., providing you with the leverage you require for all types of home and auto repair.
The variable speed of the tool allows you to adjust the force and the torque depending on the material, size, and the condition of the fastening clip you are loosening or tightening. The driver works with Torx, any type of socket attachment and hex shaft screws as well.


Efficient and high-quality performance – The first thing that will please many is the drill’s ability to efficiently perform its duty up close and personal in tight spaces and corners. The compact head and lightweight design make it ideal for tackling a wide variety of personal projects, no matter the scale or scope. The comfortable grip makes sure that the drill will not damage the surface on which it is being used.
Brushless drill motor-With new advances in hardware, many experts are finding that DeWalt brushless drills are getting the job done faster and more efficiently than drills that would otherwise make use of a brush in its internal design. Without the typical brush friction and significant electrical resistance loss, brushless motors are a lot more efficient at being able to perform more work per unit of electrical current when compared to other ordinary motors.
Powerful battery life-This powerful drill makes use of an extremely powerful lithium-ion battery that, when combined with the brushless motor, extends the average continuous run time of the drill to above fifty percent when compared to other non-brush competitors. The secret lies in the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries, which are typically twice as much as the standard battery. The load characteristics are as good and behave as powerfully as ordinary batteries in terms of discharge, but they are able to provide much more power on the long run. This makes the device extremely long lasting and able to get the job done no matter how long it will take.

Both the DeWalt and the Makita are great tools not only for construction workers, but for anyone who may have the need for tools like this, whether electricians, renovation enthusiasts or even the at-home handyman. The devices work with cement, stucco, plaster, wood, and even Adobe. These are tools that if purchased, will be used and most likely are an investment worth making. Both tools are very durable and can take quite a bit of punishment, so there is little to worry about it breaking if dropped.
We can, therefore, conclude that these two tools are great. While the DeWalt is on the pricier end, both tools will feel very tough in your hand, and get any job done. We do tend to prefer the Makita cordless drill for the average DIY jobs around the house, because of the lower price. DeWalt tools will usually be more suitable for professional contractors. Even though, you can rest assure you will be buying quality tools in both cases.