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Whether you are living in your own home or renting an apartment, you will always want to make your home feel and look great, and to reflect your personality and style. While this can sometimes be quite expensive, through following some home improvement blogs, you can cut down costs and still have your ideal living space. Perusing through countless blogs and web pages is usually difficult and tiring, so here are 21 of the most awesome home improvement blogs around: was started by Jake Williams to create a resource for homeowners and avid DIYers to acquire valuable information on home project tools and processes.  This blog aims to not only educate but inspire people to take on home projects and fixes themselves. If you are searching for home project tips, tricks, and tool information, will steer you in the right direction.

It’s Great To Be Home

Started by Liz when she was a newly married lawyer. The blog started with the renovations of her first home and has continued since then to review ten other houses she moved to. All her work is documented on this blog, which also lists her DIY projects, as well as other exciting and creative DIY projects and decoration ideas from other people. She has built a career in flipping houses!

One Project Closer

One Project Closer is run by two couples. These couples have a good blend of style; tool use and DIY projects. Anyone looking for a complete home remodel should definitely follow this blog. Very recommended for any one who likes working with tools. Awesome stuff!

DIY Show Off

This blog was started by Roeshel, who began with DIY projects in her childhood, when her family renovated their lovely farmhouse, with a strict budget and lots of love. She started the blog when she and her partner were looking for a home to buy. The blog is updated daily with new and creative DIY projects and tons of pictures. Her blog allows the readers to also share their DIY projects with her and other readers as well.

Fresh Nest Blog


The creative force behind the Fresh Nest Blog is called Megan. Together with her husband, they started their DIY blog, which told the story of their wedding planning and new home remodeling. This blog also has pictures and great instructions for each DIY project. The blog is ideal for new home owners.

Homey Improvements

Most of the posts on this blog are written by James, a freelance construction worker. His wife, Alicia, writes on this blog as well. Their blog has DIY home improvement projects; home advice, home decor and healthy recipes. For people looking for DIY inspirations, this will be the perfect blog for you. You can expect to get pro advice and learn a lot from James’ experience, as he has lots of construction expertise.

Curbly’s blog

DIY ideas, makeover tips, hacks and more to make your home the place you want to be all the time. The projects on this blog will definitely ensure that you fall in love with your home. The nice thing about this blog is that there are many useful tips for just about anything around the house, to help you feel great and live cozy.

Addbuild Additons

Trusted name for decades in the field of home improvement. The blog features seasonal Projects; answers to home improvement questions; “how to” instructions and creative ideas. The blog is one of the leading names in home improvement, and very well know for giving useful advice.


Creative ideas to remodel on a strict budget. This site has ways to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle items that are readily within the home, to create a totally beautiful home décor and exciting remodeled house. If you are working on a tight budget then this would be a great blog for you.

Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty handy girl’s Brittany encourages those who own homes to use DIY hacks for their home improvement. The blog has detailed tutorials that guide the readers and makes the process simple so that everyone can do them. This blog is suited for all home owners and anyone looking to venture into DIY projects. We really like the tutorials and video explanations – they make home improvement a real breeze.

Lindus Construction

Awesome blog! This website is packed with photos of home remodeling, interior design, architecture and home imporvement, of course. The great thing about this one is the online community sharing ideas and experience. Get lots of interesting ideas, tons of photos and even buy some nice stuff for your home.

Young House Love

This blog is run by two people; Sherry and John. The two have fixed and remodeled several homes so far, and share their experience on their blog with a lot of home projects. They have a myriad of ideas for home improvement; a book; and a beautifully designed home improvement product line. This blog is the place for home owners to discover more about their home improvement possibilities, coupled with gorgeously designed products such as ceiling lights, lamps, etc.

Retro Renovation

Retro style blog is vintage and mid century oriented. The blog has it all about retro renovation and remodeling. This blog is busting with ideas to remodel your home to fit your nostalgic retro-style.

Bill Pearn Masonry

Bill Pearn’s Blog is known as a leader in home style blogging. It offers a vast number of  resources for identifying the latest home trends as well as discovering new home improvement ideas and projects. This blog will keep you up to date with the latest fasion and home styling info. Great for those who like being up to date with their home look and feel.

Windows on Washington BLOG

This blog offers simple but yet amazing ideas for decorating, maintaining, repairing and general care of your home. For anyone looking to create an organized and non cluttered home, this is the blog for you.

Cloudy 2 Clear Windows

Super simple blog which truly provides great info. it offers various great home ideas. This blog gives you valuable tips for keeping your house in top shape. It offers a vast number of  resources for identifying the latest home trends as well as discovering new home improvement ideas and projects.

Urban Gardens

In the age of healthy living, healthy environment and happy people, gardens are an ideal thing to have in your home. The urban garden blog shows you how to squeeze a garden in even the smallest living space. If you like indoor gardens or gardening in general, this is a great blog to follow, giving you lots of useful information.

Centsational Girl

With the moto of “fabulous, for less”, this blog specializes in decorations, renovations and do it yourself projects that have a tight budget. Posts on this blog are written by the sensationally stylish Kate Riley and offer affordable options for designing creative and inspiring interior. The main focus is upgrading your home affordably, so you can get tips and hacks on how to find the best stuff in discount shops and second hand stores.

Shanty 2 Chic blog

Great ideas, designs, projects and free plans for the home improvement DIY enthusiasts. The idea of this blog is to improve your home “one bargain at a time”, as their slogan goes. The blog offers a non strenuous and easy way of remodeling your home, in small projects that don’t take much time and effort. The website has many DIY projects that cover just about anything – from DIY gifts to DIY ornaments and furniture, you can get wonderful ideas that are fun to make and at bargain costs.

Refresh Restyle blog

Focuses on how to keep your home fresh and beautiful. Refresh Restyle has seasonal décor ideas, cleaning tips, storage ideas and options for refreshing your home. This blog likes to share ideas for making all kinds of furniture and useful objects. After completing such ideas, photos of that project are shared, proving how creative you can be with little effort.

How to Nest for Less

Another great home improvement blog. This blog gives you valuable tips for keeping a strict budget. Through featured DIY projects, to home decor ideas and room makeovers. All featured projects come from the author’s hands on experience, so even if you are no expert in home design, you will be able to complete all ideas and stay on a low budget.

So whether you are on a strict or flexible budget, DIY enthusiast or just looking to make something nice with a personal touch, be sure to check out the blogs we reviewed. We’re positive you’ll find at least one blog that will be of great value, and help you with your next project. Home improvement has never been easier!