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Handyman blogs are getting super popular these days as a means of getting things done by yourself, as well as raising awareness about different home improvement issues. In order to recommend you with the best blogs and handyman services out there, we did a ton of research. Our selection criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and general creativity, inspirational projects and reliable handyman professional recommendations.
Here are our favorites, guaranteed to inspire you to pick up your tools and get to work, while also providing you with reliable and affordable service:

Mr. Handyman

Meet Mr Handyman’s home improvement professional blog where he shares awesome DIY wisdom with all. You can get answers to questions regarding your home repairs and you will be provided you with very useful information. This blog is very interactive, and will help you with specific issues and questions you might have about your own ideas. Great for those who are taking on a DIY project for the first time and need some guidance with nice tips and ideas. Also, great easy to find service for any projects you feel like you’d want a pro handyman to take care of.

The Family Handyman

Lots of information on this blog, to help you out with stuff like how to repair just about anything, basic house maintenance for both indoors and outdoors and answers to the most frequently asked questions on how to fix a toilet, electricity maintenance, organizing your home, cleaning hacks and plumbing services. This blog gives very useful tips on how to get these repairs done yourself. Online classes are available on this blog, making it user-friendly and more interactive.

House Doctors

Are you seeking a professional neighborhood handyman to help you along with your growing to-do list? Then this is your blog. House Doctors handyman service has been supporting homeowners with domestic restore and light remodeling projects for over twenty years across the U.S. These home repair experts will get just about any small job around the house done, and for a great price too. Great for those repair tasks that you just don’t have the time to fiddle around with, or just don’t feel like doing yourself.

The Ancaster Handyman

This great handyman has been renovating homes for over 30 years and has completed some pretty awesome projects such as transforming homes by installing new kitchens, new lavatories and even extensive paint jobs. The blog has lots of information about regular stuff that people need done around the house, such as fixing doors, plumbing issues or tool buying tips. With great honest service, this handyman will get the job done, while you can rest assure that you aren’t being swindled. Great for people in need of a handyman in the area of Ancaster, Ontario.

All of The Above Handyman

As the name suggests, All of the Above Handyman services provides users with a wide variety of posts about home fix issues in the area of northern Colorado. Some of the posts include tips and hacks for choosing a handyman, window and door replacements, basement framing, plumbing advice and different kinds of clean up services that this website has to offer. Basically, this blog is a great all round solution for your home fix issues.

Life as a Handyman

Want to know more about the life of a Handyman? well, this could be the blog for you. You’ll get a nice glimpse into the life of Jason Holman, who narrates his experiences in the business of home improving and fixing, while sharing his insights. As his family members often chip in and help him around, this website offers an interesting point of view on the life of the handyman. Apart from his own experience, he shares details regarding his previous works, quoting prices and costs that were incurred for certain projects. This is a great blog for anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional handyman.

The Ugly Duckling House

This great blog tells the story of Sarah, moving into her new home in one of the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. As she fell in love with the new cottage she moved into, there was much work to be done on the house, that had been left untouched for quite some time. Being on a low budget and loving to do-it-herself, Sarah recorded all her home improvement projects on this blog. There is also a nice project photo gallery, and great recipes she shares with her followers. Definitely a great blog for anyone looking to be inspired. This blog shows you that you can do just about anything, and on a low budget too!

Homeowners Hub

This fun blog comes to help you refurnish your home after a long period of not giving it any touch up. You’ll find great guidelines and tips on how to transform your garden, home repairs and maintenance and even roofing after a harsh winter. This blog has some unique posts about how to fix and clean up your chimney, fireplace or taking care of any other part of your house that got you through last winter.

McClurg’s Home Remodeling 

One of the best home remodeling blogs on the web. This blog provides readers with up-to-date trends on new home remodels are done and tips on how to come up with a superb home outlook. Pictures and explanations on how to do it easily are provided here. The great thing about this website is the specific advisory service the owners have to offer, according to the customer’s taste and budget. Lots of photos in the great project galleries make it easy for you to understand what you want and need, so as to get the best service possible. Offering their services all around New York state, you can be sure you will be getting great value-for-money counselling.

Atlas Home Repair 

The Atlas Home Repair site provides users with lots of information related to roofing. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, which needs constant care and maintenance to keep you dry and warm. Since taking care of your room is quite a unique skill, this service stands out by both providing valuable information about roof care, together with experienced roofing repair services in the area of New Mexico. Posts and guidelines before engaging in any roofing remodeling and care are provided, making the site a worthwhile visit before engaging in roof maintenance.

Bob Vila – Home Improvement  

Fancy comfort? The Bob Villa home improvement site provides you with information and advice on how to better decorate your home and make the best use of it. Many great articles are available, with lots of great tips for easy remodeling, DIY lite jobs and a great “Get Ideas” section with tips and hacks for just about anything. The bob villa site is an informative site that will provide you with a ton of useful information. Super, super useful site with great videos and a nice member forum as well. Who knew you could actually use Q tips in 14 different ways, or 10 things a coffee maker can do besides brew coffee?

Pro Master Home Repair 

Anybody looking for a home repair handyman in the area of Cincinnati? Well, look no further. Covering a wide range of home repairs – from carpentry to electricity and plumbing services, this company will have you covered. Since the handyman visiting your home is a company employee and not a contractor, you can be sure he will have the customer’s best interest in mind, advising and taking care of home fixes for the lowest price possible. Lots of great client testimonials make us confident that you will be getting great quality and friendly service when in need. Since this company can fix just about anything, you can refer to it as a one-stop shop for all your home fixing needs.


To sum up, we guarantee you that all these blogs are worth your visit as they will provide you with useful solutions to all your home fixing issues. Whether it’s just information you’re looking for on how to do stuff yourself, or whether you are looking for an honest and professional handyman, just be sure to check out one of these blogs or websites. You can be confident you’ll be getting the best deal possible and learn lots of new and cool stuff to do by yourself.